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Minutes of Sept 2014

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Board of Governance Minutes
September 2014
Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church Board of Governance
(BoG) Meeting September 8, 2014 at 6:30pm

In Attendance:
BoG Members: President Barbara Adams, Treasurer Carole Adams, Secretary Sarah Anderson, Toni Troya, Rick English
Administration: Pastor Kelly Smith, Superintendent Dr. Mike Chivalette, Budget Committee Chair: Barbara Gold-hammer, No Elder attended
Congregation members: Frank Mitchell, Facilities Properties

Devotion: Proverbs 14:4
Opening Round Table Prayer
Minutes from August 2014 BoG meeting confirmed.
Financial Report: Barbara Goldhammer

New bookkeeper: Barbara is working with a temp, Stacey Rodrigues, with the intention of bringing Stacey on full time in the future. The congregation passed a $18K deficit budget in August and currently our income is offsetting our ex-penses and we are in the black. We are paying the District the $10K past direct missions due them on Thursday, Sep-tember 11, when Pastor visits the District offices. Deficit reduction monies collected to date are $9,730. There is a new Purchase Order Form for the school and church. It must be completed for any requisition and reimbursement. The form requires two signatures; if this form is not used, purchases will not be reimbursed, period. Barbara would like our enrollment verified; believes we are up to 118 but hasn’t seen all the paperwork yet. Lastly, we are looking into permanent processes to recoup delinquent school tuitions.

School Report: Superintendent Dr. C: (See his September 8, 2014 Report attached for complete details). Our new school Administrative Assistant, Nancy, is working out excellently and has been able to take on additional responsibili-ties. We have 118 enrolled total. Re: extended hours for our preschool program, we are looking for increased hours from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm to 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 pm as our goal.

Facilities Properties: Frank Mitchell: The parking lot was repaved; School Beautification Day was good; got a lot done. We have overstocked inventory galore..this needs to be gone through and permanent, organized storage room must be devised. Admin building (swing out) windows are falling apart and need to be replaced at $180 per window for double paned windows. Pew repairs in the works. Location has been set for Holly’s benches. Will order two with money available for them. Anticipates ordering them by Oct 1.

Pastor’s Report: (See Pastor’s written report for full details) Comments on report: Church Service lay readers and children’s message giver plans are firming up. Congregation members will be able to participate in these parts of Sun-day Service. Change of email sender for Eprayers is working much better. More Policies and Procedures are needed and BoG is addressing.

New Business: Following new Policies and Procedures were adopted by BoG:
Wedding Facility Usage Request and Agreement Form, Key Access Policy, Key Access Request Form, Parental Con-sent Form for Child Participation in Calvary youth Ministries, Parental Consent Form for Field Trip Authorization Youth Ministries, Safe Policy, Fundraising Policy, Fundraising Request Form. Drafts reviewed and edited for final: Church Computer Access Policy and Access Request.

BoG Officer elections were held: changes are as follows: President: Toni Troya, Secretary: Barbara Adams; Treasur-er: Carole Adams.

Meeting adjourned 10:50 pm

Next Scheduled regular BoG meeting: October 14, 2014 6:30 pm
Next BoG Policy & Procedures meeting: October 28, 2014 6:30 pm

Minutes prepared by Toni Troya
 Dr. Michael Hemme Chivalette, Superintendent
Calvary Lutheran School
September 8, 2014

Board of Governor’s Report
I. Enrollment
A. Student numbers PK-8 presently at 118 students
1. Continued interest by those from Zion who are still looking into attending CLS
B. Focus plan for continued growth and retention of current students
1. Promote CLS to community – Dr. Chivalette and CFA
a) Flyers
b) Local civic and business groups
c) School administrators
d) Local church leaders
C. Continue to focus on building up our pre-school program
a) Investigate possibility of extending early morning and afternoon (aftercare hours) to accommodate working families

II. Faculty and Staff: “Raising the bar academically while meeting individual student needs”
A. Professional, diligent, caring and teachable
B. My job is to strengthen and encourage my teaching and serving staff members
C. Focus on professional development
D. Focus on utilizing CFA to aid teachers and help out when needs arise
E. Teacher classroom observations – begin informally end of September

III. Budgetary oversight
A. Working with Barb and Stacy – reviewing budget bi-monthly
1. Line-by-line review of expenses and revenue
2. Focusing on guiding CFA to develop and implement two major fundraisers
To support CLS financially
3. Purchase Orders (requiring two signatures for approval: Dr. C and Barb or Stacy)

IV. Facilities
A. Working with Frank Mitchell
1. Discussing issues such as storage (hoarding of old and out dated items and texts)
2. Need to Inventory all teaching materials, resources, technology
3. Remove dated and non-usable resources and materials
4. Clean up each classroom – must be a selling point for potential families visiting CLS
5. Signage on Arriba

V. Role of Superintendent
A. Face of School
B. Community relations and marketing of school
C. Oversight of faculty
1) Teacher observations and assessment
2) Professional Staff Development
3) Support
4) Handle parent concerns and issues
D. Work with Calvary Family Association
E. Work on website and proper communication of school
F. School representative in all events related
G. Raise funds for endowment while promoting school
H. Work with Superintendent Advisory Council
I. Re-structure schedules when necessary
J. Revise handbook
K. Accreditation
L. Superintendent, in order to be effective must be freed up of current class teaching load
1) Math is only subject I can teacher for 5/6 and 7/8
2) Must hire a part-time teacher for social studies and sciences (5/6 and 7/8)

September 8, 2014

Pastor’s Report To BOG

Items Accomplished
• Visitations; Only 1 signed up & 1 will come in – Procedures updating
• Dr. Chivalette on-board and ramping up
• Fantasy Football League started

Items Upcoming
• Installation of BoG and Elders this Sunday – September 14th
• Visit shut-in’s next week
• Fascia board replacement on Sanctuary –
• Meeting with District President this Thursday
• Lay Readers and Children Message changes

Items On-going
• Change of Email Sender for Church side
• Chronicle Restarted
• EPrayer Forms and instruction
• Elder Updates
• Planning of Stewardship month – October
• Vision statement and corresponding Goals – SERVE
• (Re) Establishment of committee’s – Any Suggestions?
• Worship Committee to meeting being rescheduled
• I will be teaching religion classes Mon-Thursday
• Every Family Visitation

New Items
• Hiring Procedures for part-time

❖ Policies Needed
o Employee Handbook needs updating
▪ Sick Pay Accrual – 30 day max
▪ Policy on Termination pay
• Unused Sick Days - Paid
• Unused Vacation Days
o Hourly Employee Vacation Policy - None
o Policies on Committees needed.
o Restrictions on Group’s able to use?
o Bulletin Board Policy
o Injury & Illness Policy (Recommended by our Insurance Carrier)


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