Wednesday, August 17, 2016

July BoG Minutes

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Calvary Lutheran Evangelical Church Board of Governance (BoG) July 26 2016 6:30pm
 In Attendance:
 BoG Members:  Chairperson Barbara Adams, Treasurer Carole Adams, Secretary Sarah Anderson, Steve Ellis
Administration: Pastor Kelly Smith
 Absent: Rick English, Superintendent Dr. Michael Chivalette (vacation)
  Devotion: - Nehemiah 4:4
 Opening Round Table Prayer
 Treasury's Report - Calvary Lutheran Church and School continues to operate within the financial means of the organization and within the approved budget.  Bank of the West should be providing an answer by the end of the week regarding the increase in the line of credit.  Our goal is to have the credit available if and when we need to meet the needs of the organization.
    The faithfulness of the congregation is amazing.  We continue to meet our financial needs purely through the faithfulness of the congregation.
 School Report – As of July 26, 2016 Calvary Lutheran School has 101 students enrolled (contracts signed enrollment fees paid) for the coming school year with an 80% retention of students from the prior year.  (Yea!) Administration is expecting to receive the enrollment documents and fees for four additional students soon and four to six international students.  We are experience a growing interest in our preschool with a projection of an additional 10 to 12 preschoolers; making a grand total of 26 to 28 students.  Although Preschool has a license capacity for 49 students, Calvary has set a desired minimum enrollment of 25 and a cap at of 32 students.  Reaching license capacity of 49 students for the preschool will require additional staffing.   Enrollment targeting advertising is published on Facebook and the local newspaper circulation.
Campus Projects:
  • 5th grade move to room 2 next to Kindergarten (work in progress)
  • Repaint front wall from K through room 9 (completed)
  • Scrape and repaint lunch area tables (completed)
  • Clean and repair lockers and lunch area (work in progress)
  • LED light upgrade (completed rooms 2, 4, 6, and 7. Remaining are a work in progress as funds allow) Labor for this project is provided by a School Parent who is a certified electrician
  • The request for the purchase of a power washer has been approved for regular cleaning of the lunch area
Three day orientation starts August 17.  Pastor will be providing a Lutheran Doctrine 101 class for our non-Lutheran staff members and a refresher course for Lutheran staff members.
Strategic Plans:
  • Revise 2-3 year and 4-5 year strategic plans by August 31 2016
  • Establish single grade classroom for 5th grade (completed)
  • Re-structure Middle School grades for 2016 (completed
  • Focus on PS-8: curriculum and textbook assessments (on-going)
  • Prepare for WASC one day visit in the spring of 2017 (not a major visit just a check-up)
Important School Dates:
  • August 10 – teachers begin work in classrooms (some have already started)
  • August 17-19 Teacher Orientation
  • August 20 School Beautification Day
  • August 24 First Day of School
 The BoG would like to thank Dr C for his continuing dedication to our students; often going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a safe, healthy, and stable learning environment for our students.  Much of the needed work to be completed this summer was completed by Dr C and a school parent.
 THANK YOU Dr. C!  You are greatly appreciated.  Many blessing to you and yours.
 Pastor's Report –
  • Completed items
    • Sanctuary exterior wall painted
    • Exterior lighting fixtures for the Sanctuary have been purchased
  • In progress items
    • Bank of the West – Line of Credit increase documents submitted awaiting answer from bank
    • 24 2 Double Presentations
    • Employee Handbook – submitted for printing
    • Vision/Mission Statement in process
  • Up-coming items
    • Interior lighting in Sanctuary upgrade to LED as budget allows
    • 2017 Budget – first draft
  • New Items
    • 9/11 – Cook-out?
    • Painting of the Fellowship Hall
    • Rental Fee Increase for one time rentals
    • Partners in Worship will be changed to every three months
    • VBS Discussion to be held during the August 28 congregational meeting – BoG 2016 decision and what the future holds
 ***Reminder – cost for alter flowers is $30.00 per Sunday *****
 BoG items - Unfinished business:
                Holly's Benches – looking into various options for plaques for the benches
 New business –
                Scrip – on-line sells?  Fire sale of old stock?
                Budget – direct mission list review and update consider the addition of the Lutheran Braille Workers to the list
                Membership Database has been updated to a cloud based program so members can update their own information on-line (this is at no additional cost to Calvary)
                Data Back-up for Calvary's computer system – we have a current program we are interested in updating to an in-house redundancy back up type program pending funding
                A special note: Steve Ellis was appointed to the BoG in April 2016.
 Ended in Prayer
 Next meeting: Tuesday August 10, 2016 6:30 p.m. (budget meeting) and September 21, 2016 6:30pm

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