Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dr. C's notes for June BOG

Sorry for the delay, but here are Dr. C's notes for the June 2015 BoG meeting

Board of Governance
Superintendent Report
Dr. Michael Hemme Chivalette
June 9, 2015
I. Enrollment Update
A. Ninety-nine (99) students with four additional students (two new and two returning) being added in the next few weeks
1) Loss of three faculty members children (non-paying) from original 102 students listed in May
2) 2015-2016 - 103 total students not including the Korean students and other summer enrollments

II. Staff Update
A. Release of Preschool director, Mrs. Vincent – contract not renewed for 2015-2016
1) Replacement will be Mrs. Kim Heggins (received her licensure to serve as director)

B. Kristi Morlock – moving to Colorado to be closer to her family
1) Mrs. Chivalette will become our full-time Language Arts teacher for the middle school
2) Mrs. Sabina James – a B.S. in engineering, a master's in computer science and a master's in counseling will become our math and science teacher for the middle school
3) Dr. Chivalette with an undergrad background and certification in social studies will oversee the middle school social studies/history position

C. Gina Wilson – took a position with Redeemer Lutheran School
1) Seeking to fill position as kindergarten teacher at present

D. Ruth Heinitz – not returning
1) Ms. Christina Grace will be returning to CLS after a year in Nebraska

E. Margie Luehrs – retired from teaching and will continue part-time as administrative principal under Dr. Chivalette's direction

F. Overall – God has replaced each position with the present exception of kindergarten with outstanding teachers who will serve both the church and school with loyalty and commitment to Christ Jesus



III. Financial
A. CFA raised close to $9,000 from their annual auction

B. CLS allotted $50,000 for financial aid scholarships and at present has used $42,500
with one family still to be considered for 2015-2016 financial aid and assistance
1) Many thanks to Carol Adams, Barb Adams and Stan Miller for doing a fantastic job in assessing each family and their needs
2) All families receiving financial aid have agreed to work additional hours for the school in exchange for aid received

C. Salaries have been re-structured for all new incoming faculty members and staff allowing CLS to begin a new salary structure to be incorporated during the 2016-2017 school year

IV. Academic Focus of Calvary Lutheran School
A. To raise academic bar for all PS-8 grade students

B. Raising standards and expectations for all preschool and kindergarten students

C. Offering stronger, more student engaged classroom learning atmosphere

D. Lego robotics, speech, debate – part of middle school program

E. STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) – part of middle school program

F. On-site counseling available for students

V. Community Service and Summer Projects
A. CLS "Calvary Cares" (middle school program) served three church families by helping with yard work

B. Dr. C's Summer Basketball Camp – open to CLS and community
1) 14 elementary students attending June 8-12
2) 12 middle school students attending June 15-19

C. Summer Projects
1) Painting main school office and superintendent's office
2) Painting classrooms
3) Replacing K-8 desks with those received from Zion Lutheran
4) CFA working on playground
5) New equipment for outdoor activities for CLS students – tether ball, 4-square, etc.
6) Cleaning out "dated" and non-usable materials from all classrooms and storage areas






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